Using Google Meet to Remotely View a User's Computer Screen

Last modified on 04/15/2020

Technicians can use Google Meet to remotely view a user's COMPUTER screen when the user is outside of our district network.

1. Create a calendar invite with Google Meet option

2. Invite the user using their email address

3. Ask the user to check their email and join the meeting

4. Once joined, ask the user to Present Now and select Your entire screen.

5. In the popup window that opens, click on the small image of your screen and then click the "Share" button.

Google Hangouts? Hangouts Meet? Google Meet?
Google Hangouts Icon
Google Hangouts 
Google Meet Icon
Google Meet, Also called
"Hangouts Meet" in some places
Not used in TTSD, Use Google Meet instead. The video conferencing service we use to connect with students and other staff members.



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