Protecting Your Personal Phone Number When Calling Away From Work

Last modified on 04/15/2020

During this school closure and staff working remotely, the following are options for how to protect the privacy of your personal numbers when calling families from home.

At this point in time, we are suggesting one of the following two options for using your personal phone for school business:

  • Using your personal phone, dial *67 followed by the 10 digit phone number to "block" your caller ID.
    • PROS: Your personal number will not display and will show as "blocked"
    • CONS: Families may not pick up due to the "blocked" caller ID.

Use Google Meet. Start a "meeting" with yourself  Click "Add People" Click the  "Call" tab at the top of the new window. Enter the parent's phone number.   (More detailed directions HERE)

  • PROS: Your personal number will not display and will show a 10-digital number (likely from a Google New York area code). You can call multiple people this way on the same call, so you can bring in other people (like a translator or anther teacher) to assist you with the conversation. 
    • Best practices for conferencing a translator in with your family call would be to schedule a Meet with your translator using Google Calendar and "conferencing" to ensure their availability.  Once you and the the translator are on the Google Meet together at the specified time, you can call the family.
  • CONS: Families may not pick up due to the unknown caller ID.  
Google Hangouts? Hangouts Meet? Google Meet?
Google Hangouts Icon
Google Hangouts 
Google Meet Icon
Google Meet, Also called
"Hangouts Meet" in some places
Not used in TTSD, Use Google Meet instead. The video conferencing service we use to connect with students and other staff members.

NOTE: With either of these options, if you need to leave a message or are needing them to return your call, please leave your work phone number and ask them to leave you a message. Their return call/voicemail will appear as an attachment in your Inbox.  Repeat.





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