TeacherVUE: Generating a List of Student Email Addresses

Last modified on 04/15/2020

How to generate a list of student email addresses for your current section/class. This can be useful when setting up a Google Meet via a calendar invite.


1. In the TeacherVUE Reports menu, change the report output from PDF to TXT.

TeacherVUE report menu with output type set to TXT

2. Near the bottom of the report list, select the "Student Email List (select TXT output)" report.

Report menu with the student email list report selected

3.  The report will open a new browser window/tab with a list of student emails that you can copy & paste.

list of student email addresses with first portion blurred

4. Note: If you are using the email addresses to invite students to a Google Meet, you will need to set up the meet through a calendar event as described in this knowledgebase article. Impromptu meets have a limit of 10 invitees. Google Meets set up through a calendar event do not have this limit.


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