Install Cisco Jabber for MAC Desktop/Laptop

Last modified on 01/13/2021

With your computer — and an Internet connection — you can use jabber as your TTSD classroom or office phone including making and receiving calls from your TTSD phone number, checking and deleting voice mails, and conference calling or chatting with your colleagues.


If you already have Jabber installed and are here looking for details on setting up and using all the features see the Cisco Jabber Documentation page.


Summary of Features

  • Softphone — use your computer as your TTSD telephone, including placing, receiving, and forwarding calls.
  • Chat — instant message with other Jabber users, individually or in group chats.
  • Video Calls — place ad hoc video calls when in a chat or softphone conversation with your colleagues, just like your desk phone’s video feature.
  • Contact lists — create contact lists of those you collaborate with most often, including an easy-to-use contact search feature.
  • Search Phone Directory – Instead of relying on a paper telephone list, you can simply search for staff or business office phone extension.
  • Presence — set your availability so others see whether you are available for a chat or call; see the availability of others.


Installation Procedure:

Click on this link - Download Jabber for MAC

You must be logged in to google with your TTSD account - if you are not already logged in you will be prompted to:

Authentication is important

If successfully logged in to google with your TTSD account you should see the following:

No preview no problem

Click on the blue Download button - the installer should start downloading in the lower left corner of your browser.

Sing a song, get a cup of coffee

After the file downloads completely, click on the down arrow and "open" it.

Yup - gotta open it

Jabber installation will start - hit continue:

Hit continue to .... continue

Review Software License Agreement (SLA):

Pretend to read a bunch of stuff

Agree to SLA:

Agree to a bunch of stuff that you likely didn't read (neither did I)

Select install location - this will usually be your Macintosh HD as pictured below:

Gotta choose a place

Press "Install":

Gotta hit the button

If necessary - enter your computer administrative password. If you are not an administrator on your computer you will need to find the "Self Service" app on your computer: Close all your applications, and then from the Finder, click on "Go", "Applications", and locate "Self Service" application. Double Click to open.

Find Self Service

Once you have opened "Self Service", locate the icon for "Grant Admin Privilege". Either "Install" or "Re-Install" (this will require a reboot). Once you log back in to your computer (you may have to click on "Other" to log in) you should be an administrator. Open Jabber and try again.

If necessary - enter your computer administrative password. 

Enter that admin password!

Installation will take <5 minutes. When it completes you must press "close" on the dialog:

Close that thing!

After Jabber has been installed - find it in your applications folder by using the finder. Click on "Go", selecting "Applications" and look for "Cisco Jabber" in the list of applications. Then you can drag the icon to your desktop or to the shortcut bar:

Gotta find it to run it!

Open the application: Username should be your regular TTSD email address including (first login only):

Gotta run it to use it!

The next screen will ask for your password - Use your TTSD email password:

Always be Authenticating

You may get a request from your computer to allow screen sharing and capture permission - press "OK":

Computers need permission - so we don't end up with a Matrix or Terminator situation on our hands

If all goes well Jabber should now open and a little green dot should appear by your name indicating that you are logged on and available:

Boom! You are now a fellow Jabber


You are now all ready to go! For details on setting up contacts, and using all the features of Jabber see the Cisco Jabber Documentation page.



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