Google Meet Troubleshooting

Last modified on 04/21/2021

Staff with frozen Google Meet video or the camera and/or microphone doesn't work can use these best practices & troubleshooting steps to hopefully solve the issues.

Best Practice:

  • Reboot your computer before the Google Meet (or at least once a day)
  • Close all unused applications AND Google Chrome browser tabs
  • Remove all peripherals connecting to the laptop, especially ones that connect to the mini-display port
  • Move closer to your home wireless router if there are multiple walls between the computer and the router
  • Delete all Chrome extensions, especially the Google Meet Grid View extension
  • Reset your Google Chrome browser (Chrome > Preferences > Advance > Reset settings
  • Make sure you are connecting to the TTSD network 
  • Make sure the TTSD network is the WiFi top choice 
  • Update your Google Chrome or Firefox web browser
  • Using tile view while presenting


Known issues with Google Meet and possible workarounds


Google Meet Video Freezes
  1. Open Photo Booth application (if the app opens, this means the computer doesn't freeze)
  2. Quit and rejoin the Google Meet
  3. Quit and relaunch Google Chrome/Firefox/Internet Explorer/Safari web browser
  4. Switch to Firefox AND close Chrome. Do you still have the same issue?
  5. Turn off the video/cam so you can hear and participate in the meeting
The cam and/or mic doesn't work or flashing
  1. About this Mac > System Report > Audio or Camera respectively. Do you see any entry for the mic or the camera? 
  2. Open Photo Booth application (does the camera work in the Photo Booth app?)
  3. Open System Preferences > Security & Privacy > Privacy > Camera or Microphone category on the left hand side. Does the Google Chrome/Firefox has the checkbox to allow it access to the camera and microphone?
  4. Quit and rejoin the Google Meet
  5. Update Google Chrome/Firefox web browser
  6. Reset PRAM (Option + Command + P + R)
  7. Use the Test account and join the meeting (does the cam and mic still have problem?)
  8. Update macOS Mojave or macOS Catalina (any below 10.14.5 and. 10.15.3 need to be upgraded)
  9. Swap the computer

Audio issues when sharing tab

Sometimes there is an echo when sharing a video in a tab in Google Meet. Here’s what you can do to eliminate that!
Step by step directions...

Present Now
A tab (best for video and animation)
🔲 Uncheck the “Share audio” box
Select the tab that has your video (never select your Meet tab - this makes that horrendous noise)



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