Login Failure to the TTSD Web Filter

Last modified on 10/05/2020

Students are required to login to the TTSD filtering system using the TTSD Web Filter app every day. For some, their logins seem to work intermittently. TTSD systems will automatically lock accounts due to security concerns.

If you are experiencing login failure when attempting to sign into the "TTSD Web Filter" app, please follow the steps below:

1. On the iPad, open Settings and then General. On the right-hand side, scroll down and select Reset.

ipad settings. general and reset are highlighted

2. Select Reset Network Settings and confirm by tapping "Reset." The iPad will restart. 

reset network settings

3. Once the iPad finishes restarting, open Settings > Wifi.

4. Select your home network under the available Networks and enter your home wifi password if applicable.

5. If the Proxy Authentication Required window pop-up, click Settings.


6. Enter the student's username (without the and password.

7. Open the "TTSD Web Filter" app, enter the student's login information.

TTSD Web filter app icon



If your account is locked out? Call 503-431-4051 so we can unlock the account for you.

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