Log in and Log out of the Web Filter

Last modified on 04/22/2020

How to log in and log out of the web filter.

Log In

Our web filter is called the NetSpective. To log in to the web filter go to Depending on which network you are on, TTSD, TTSD Guest, or home (i.e. not TTSD), you will be redirected to on of the following web filter login pages:

Notice that there are three different web filter log in pages for each network, TTSD is netty, TTSD Guest is betty, and everywhere else is proxy. Also, notice that /access is at the end of the hostname.

Log In Time

As of 4/22/2020:

  • TTSD authentication times out after 30 minutes of inactivity
  • TTSD Guest authentication times out after 30 minutes of being logged on
  • Proxy authentication times out after 8 hours of inactivity (matches curfew time)
Staff Message: Netspective logon successful. Student Message: Thanks for using the TTSD Web Filter.

If students have already logged in, they will go directly to this page.


Log Out

Sometimes, you will need to log out. Simply take the URL where you logged in, you can use to get to the right one, then add /logout at the end of the URL:

When you log out, you will get a simple message on the page: NetSpective logout successful.

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