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Last modified on 11/09/2020

A reference of Synergy grade book features and where to find them in Canvas. Includes links to Canvas help articles when available.

Note: This is a work in progress. As common questions surface, we will add responses/references to this article.




New Names for Familiar Things


Synergy GB Feature

Canvas Equivalent

Canvas Help Article 

New Assignment Modules → Module Name → + Assignment How do I add course content as module items?
Note: The process is the same regardless of the content (assignment, quiz, discussion, etc) you are adding to the module.
Grade Book Score Type Grading Scheme How do I add a grading scheme to an assignment?
Missing Assignments Missing submissions Using the Canvas Missing Submission Policy
Report Card Score Type (aka "custom grade scale") Grading Scheme How do I add a grading scheme in a course?
Note: Grading schemes can also be added to assignments as noted above.
Final Grade Config
(custom grade scales for individual students)
N/A Assigning a Canvas grading scheme to an individual student is not an option.
Assignment Type Weighting Weighting by "assignment groups" How do I weight the final course grade based on assignment groups?

Scoring Rubrics

Rubrics → + Add Rubric

How do I add a rubric to an assignment?

Grade Book → Assignments screen
For changing assignment dates in bulk
Assignments → three vertical grey dots  → "Edit Assignment Dates" How do I bulk update due dates and availability dates as an instructor?
Exclude an assignment "Excuse" an assignment. Type "ex" (no quotes) in the grade cell for the student/assignment. How do I change the status of a submission in the Gradebook?


New Assignment Screens Side-By-Side Comparison

new assignment screens in synergy and canvas grade books side by side with arrows pointing to equivalent areas


more side by side comparisons


last new assignment side by side comparison

Default Canvas Assignment Setup

  • Assignment points - 0
  • Assignment Group (assignment type) - Assignments
  • Display as - Points
  • Submission Type - Online
  • Submission Attempts - Unlimited'
  • Assign to - Everyone
  • Due Date - Blank (you must/should set a due date)
  • Available from and Until - Blank


Default Canvas Gradebook Setup

  • Ungraded assignment = "exempt"
  • Missing assignment (after due date) = "exempt" 
  • Assignment group weighting
    • Standards Canvas courses have no assignment group weighting.
    • Some FLVS content may come in with an 80% 20% split. This can be changed in Assignments → three grey vertical dots → Assignment Groups Weight.
  • Overall class grade: 
    • Secondary is posted by default.
    • Elementary is hidden by default.



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