Creating "Breakout Rooms" & "Polling" with Google Meet

Last modified on 10/14/2020

Google Meet released their breakout rooms function to TTSD October 14, 2020.


Breakout Rooms


Option 1:

  1. If you have the breakout room, poll and Q&A tools (see screen shot - geometric shapes by Chat),  you can launch any of these tools within your Google Meet session (currently attendees must be in a browser (Chrome, Safari, etc.) whether on an iPad, Chromebook, or computer.
  2. See: Use breakout rooms in Google Meet documentation for details of use.






Option 2: Google Meet Breakout Room Activity - with Google doc or Canvas


  1. Create a Page/Discussion/Assignment for students.
  2. Label and create a MAIN Google Meet for students to join:
    1. Use the "external tools" menu icon to add "Google Meet"
  3. Repeat step 2 for quantity of Breakout groups you want to have 
  4. Assign students to each group (by random number, alpha, pre-assigned groups, etc.)







Option 3: Google Meet with Pre-Assigned Canvas Groups

  1. Create group/s in Canvas based on pre-identified criteria (useful for commonly used groups of students, ie "table groups")This option is best used when groups will work together multiple times throughout the term
  2. Create Assignment.
  3. Insert Google Meet link (using External Tools icon ("V") on the Canvas editor tool bar.
  4. "Assign" the age or assignment to the Group.
  5. Repeat #2 - #4 for each group to receive their own Meet link.
  6. These Meet links by group can be used multiple times.





Polling with Google Forms

(Q&A coming in October to Google Meet)

  1. Create a poll for your attendees using Google Form
  2. Once complete, click "Send"
  3. Under "Send Via" > Link, click "Shorten URL"
  4. Send this link via Chat to your attendees
  5. Share your screen/tab with the "Responses" tab showing to display a dynamic view of attendees submissions.






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