Importing Individual FLVS Content from The Commons

Last modified on 09/28/2020

This article will be helpful for teachers and specialist that only want/need a particular module or set of assignments from an existing FLVS course and NOT the entire course....


To import a portion of an FLVS course (i.e. module, activity, quiz, etc.) into your existing Canvas Course:

1. Open Canvas

2. Click "Commons" link in the green menu on the left side.


3. Search for the FLVS course your want.

4. Use Preview to look at quizzes and assignments.

5. Click "Import/Download" 

6. Scroll to the bottom of the list of courses...

7. Click "Download"... the ZIP file will download to your computer's DOWNLOADS folder.

8. Return to your Course homepage (where you want to bring in the additional content)

9. Click "Import Existing Content" on the right side of your screen.

import existing content button

10. Choose Content Type = Canvas Course Export Package


11. Source, click "Choose File" --- Navigate to your DOWNLOADS folder on your computer and locate the .Zip file that was downloaded in Step 7.

12. Content - Click "Select specific content"

13. Click Import

14. Click "Select Content"

15. Time to select the content you are after....

DO NOT select LTI External Tool

After these two required components, select the content you want.

16. Click Select Content.

17. New content comes in below all existing modules.

18. LAST STEP: (Important)

  • Click Course "Settings" (last Navigation menu item on the left)
  • Click "App" tab
  • Click "View App Configuration" button
  • Locate "FLVS Global LTI Provider" and DELETE IT
  • KEEP "FLVS Global LTI Provider (TTSD )"



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