Grade Book: Students are not Sorting Properly

Last modified on 04/03/2020

Explains what to do when students in grade book are no longer sorted alphabetically or in the way you expect.

In the main grade book window, by default, students are sorted alphabetically by their last names. Sometimes you may notice that students are no longer in alpha order. There may be two reasons for this.


1. You clicked a sort button at the top of one of the columns. Near the top of each column you will see a small grey square with either the letter S or an up/down arrow. See the picture below. Clicking on the letter S will resort by that column, one click for ascending, a second click for descending. Clicking on the S square after the word "Student" will resort by student name. In the picture below, the grade book is being sorted by the "Project" column scores, low to high.

Grade book sort buttons


2. If the first step doesn't fix the issue, you may need to open up the "Filters & Options" area and change the "sort students by" pulldown menu back to "last name."

a. Click the "Filters & Options" button.

"filters & options" button

b. In the top "sort students by" pulldown menu, change it back to "last name."

grade book sort options


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