Canvas: Combining ("Cross Listing") Canvas Course Cards

Last modified on 04/26/2021

If you are teaching courses that appear as separate course cards in Canvas (because you have students from two or more schools) you have the option to "Cross List" them into one course.

Important: You should complete the cross listing process before publishing your courses.
Student submissions and grades are specific to the course and will not follow the student. If you need to cross list courses after there are student submissions/grades, you should export (from the "actions" menu) your "extra course card's" grade book first so you can re-enter their grades in your primary grade book.


Definitions for this Knowledgebase Article:


  • Course ID = The unique number that identifies each course. You will see it in the web address (URL) for your course.
    •  In the screenshot below, the course ID is 23529
      web address with a course ID number in the URl highlighted
  • "Primary Course Card" = The course card you will be keeping. You will be merging your other course card INTO this one. 
    • Co-taught or
    • 100% online course from other high school
    • Important: This course should be the one associated with the school that needs access to student grade & engagement data. To see which school a course is associated with: Settings → Course Details → "Subaccount"
      Canvas course settings page showing Tigard High School as the "subaccount" for the course.
  • "Extra Course Card" = The "extra" Canvas Card you are seeing that you want to merge into your Primary Course Card. 
    • This card will "go away."
    • If the course is already published, any student submissions & grades will also go away.
      • Be sure to export your grade book (Actions → Export) first so you can enter them into your primary course's grade book.



Looking at your dashboard and trying to remember which card is your primary course card can be challenging. Once you have identified your primary course card, go into settings and add an image to help it stand out.


Canvas dashboard showing course cards


Canvas dashboard showing course cards. The primary course card has an image.
Note: even though one school calls the course "pre-algebra" it is the same course as the two "Math 7" courses that will be merged into it.


Cross Listing Courses

  1. Important: Review the definitions above before proceeding.
  2. Navigate to your Primary Course Card and note the "Course ID" number in the web address.
  3. Identify your Extra Course Card. If there are grades you wan tot keep, export your grades first (Actions → Export)
  4. Open your extra course card and click "Settings"
  5. Click Sections tab
  6. Click top/first section
  7. Click 
  8. Search for the Primary Course Card ID (from step 2 above) you want to MERGE this section into.
  9. Click "Cross List this Section"
  10. Note you have now been moved to your Primary Course Card (see top of screen/course title) section tab and the section you just "Cross Listed" landed in your Primary course card (and REMOVED it from your secondary course card. 
  12. Repeat the steps above for EACH section from your Extra course card you want to MERGE to your Primary Course Card.


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