Grade Book: Entering Zeros for Unscored Assignments

Last modified on 04/03/2020

Unscored assignments do not count against students' grades. How to quickly enter a zero for unscored assignments.

In grade book, if you create an assignment and do not enter a grade for that assignment, it will not include that assignment when calculating grades. This means an unscored assignment will not count against the overall class grade for secondary students or, for elementary students, any report card items attached to that assignment.

grade book grades 

If you want unscored assignments to count against students, you will need to enter zeros for all unscored assignments. There are two ways to do this.


Option One

You can enter zeros from the main grade book screen one at a time, or follow the steps below to push zeros down to all students with no score entered.

1. In the main grade book screen, click at the top of the assignment column for the assignment you want to enter scores for. In the picture above, I would click on the word "homework."

2. In the menu that appears, click on "enter scores."

3. On the score entry screen that appears, enter a zero on the first cell with no score entered. Then click on the green down arrow one time to push that zero score down to all empty cells. If you click the green arrow a second time you will enter zeros for all cells below the current cell, even ones with scores entered! If this happens you can always click the "Cancel and return to grade book" button to exit without saving your scores.

grade book score entry screen


4. When you return to your main grade book window, you will notice that the zeros are now included in the averaged grade.

grade book averaged grade


Option Two

You can enter a special "missing" code for the assignment which will enter a score of zero for you and flag the assignment in StudentVUE and ParentVUE as missing.

1. Go to Grade Book Setup ---> Grade book Setup and then to "Grade Book Comments."

2. Hover your mouse over the "Missing" row and then click on the edit icon edit icon to edit that row.

3. Confirm that the "not scored value" is set to zero.

4. Toggle the "remove when scored" switch to yes. This will remove the "missing" comment when you enter a score for the assignment. 

5. Save your changes and return to the main grade book screen.

6. Click on the "Filters & Options" button. 

filters & options button

7. In the "Options" area, check the "show comment codes" box and wait for the screen to refresh. Click the "enable assignment note entry" box, wait for the screen to refresh and then click the "Done" button.

8. Click on the first unscored assignment in the assignment column you want to change and enter "mi." You will see a new comment box appear. Click ONE TIME on the green "fill down score" arrow. This will fill all unscored cells with the "mi" (missing) comment code and will score the assignment as zero. If you click a second time on the green arrow it will replace all scores with the "missing" comment code and score them at zero. If this happens, click the "undo" button next to the save button and start over.

grade book comment box

9. Click the "save changes" button when you are done.



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