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Last modified on 04/08/2021

How to use your Canvas grade book data to complete the secondary report card.

Note: For the 2020-21 school year, we will be reporting the overall class grade, but not course aligned standards.


Canvas Instructions

Confirm "Assignment Groups Weight" Setting (Skip to Canvas Grades Screen if already confirmed)

Assignments can be put into different "assignment groups" (not the same as modules) and each group can be set to a certain percentage of the class grade. You should confirm this is set the way you want or turned off if you don't want to weigh by assignment groups.

1. Within your course, open "Assignments" and then click the three vertical grey dots.

assignment screen with "three dots" button highlighted.

2. Select "Assignment Groups Weight" from the menu that appears.

3. To disable, simply uncheck the "Weight final grade based on assignment groups" box and save.

4. Otherwise, adjust the values as desired and save.

assignment groups weight settings window showing different assignment group names and fields for willing in desired percentages. Save and cancel buttons at the bottom.

5. On the main assignments screen, confirm that all assignments you want contributing to the class grade are in the appropriate group.

Canvas Grades Screen

1. Move the "Total" column to the front. On the Total column, click the three vertical dots three vertical dots and select "move to front" to put it next to the student names.

2. If you don't see a pulldown menu for selecting a section, open the "View" menu, Select "Filters" and make sure "Sections" is checked.

grade book "view" menu with "filters" and then "sections" selected

3. In the sections pulldown menu, select the section you want to view. You should see something like the image below. Leave this browser window open as a reference.

grade book with student names (blurred) in the first column and overall class percentage in the next.


Synergy Instructions

Note: For middle school elective & intervention classes which have two sections in Canvas, only one section in Synergy will be available for entering grades. It is not necessary (or an option) to enter grades in the other section. 

1. Open Synergy in a new browser window.

2. Go to Report Card → Students as usual.

3. Click the "Edit Final Grades & Comments" button.

synergy "final grades and comments" button

4. Refer to the "Total" column in the Canvas grade book, and use the pulldown menus to enter the class grade and any comments. 

Synergy grading window with student names (blurred) and pulldown menus for entering the overall class grade and comments.
Note: the "Calc%" And "Current Grade" columns are blank because there is no Synergy grade book data. 

5. Save and post your grades.



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