ES Quarter 1 Academic Feedback Form Process

Last modified on 11/22/2020

ES Quarter 1 Academic Feedback Form Process

"Regular" Synergy report cards will automatically be posted in ParentVUE for quarters 2, 3 and 4. With the Academic feedback form for Quarter 1 being a PDF and not the report card, the following steps should be used to (1) complete the form and (2) send it securely through Canvas to the student and his/her family.  Students & families will be able to access their QT1 Academic Feedback form through the STUDENT'S Canvas InBox on their student-issued device




Two Steps - 

  1. Download form to complete for each student (as in years past)
  2. Send to students through Canvas for each student.


Download & Fill Out Academic Feedback Form: (same as in years past)


1. Open the "ES Quarter 1 Academic Forms (fillable)" Folder in Google Drive. 

2. Open the folder for your school and download the PDF's for the languages you need. Control click on the file and select "download" from the menu that appears.

3. On your desktop, make a new folder called "Q1 Report Cards" or something similar.

4. Drag your Academic Feedback Form PDF(s) from step 2 into this new folder.


5. Open the PDF. It should open in the "Preview" app, but if not, close the window, control click on the PDF and select "open with" and then "preview."

"open with" contextual menu with "preview" selected

6. For now, only fill out the "Teacher Name" and "Grade" fields since they will be the same on each student's PDF.

7. Still in the Preview app, from the File menu, select "Duplicate." A new window with your copy will appear. 

file menu with "duplicated" selected

8. Fill out the student name and complete the form.

9. From the File menu, select "Save..."  In the window that opens, enter the student name in the "Save As" field and then hit "Save."  Close window.

file menu with "save" selected

save dialog window with student name in the "save as" field


NOTE: Repeat steps 7-9 for the rest of your students. They will all be saved in your Q1 Report Cards folder.



Share Via Canvas Inbox

Sending the feedback forms individually to each student & family.

1. In Canvas, click InBox

2. Click the "Compose a new message" icon

3. Begin typing the student's name in the TO: field to select the student to send the message.

4. Set the subject to:  "Quarter 1 Academic Feedback Form"

5. Enter your message to the family/student in the message area (you can copy/past from previous message and/or include a personal video message)

6. Click the paperclip to add attachment.   Select the Academic Feedback form with the student's name from your saved folder on the desktop.

7. Click Send. 

 NOTE: Repeat for other students in your class.


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