Canvas: Grading Concluded Students in Your Grade Book

Last modified on 03/27/2021

You can EDIT the grades of s concluded student, you will need to "RESTORE" them TEMPORARILY to add the grade NOTE: Students will be able to see these past courses while their enrollment is "restored", so it is IMPORTANT to Conclude them after you have entered the necessary grades.


"Restore" A Student

  1. You MUST view Concluded Students in your course: (To VIEW concluded students, See KB article:
  2. From Grades, click on the student 
  3. A side pop-up appears, click on the students name again. 
  4. Scroll down to "Memberships" and click "Restore" for this individual student to enter grades for the course. IMPORTANT: Return to complete this process with Concluding "Student Enrollment", so they don't see duplicate Canvas course cards and become confused.


Concluding "Student Enrollment"


  1. After updating the student's grade in this course, return to the student detail screen to "Conclude" the student from the course again. 







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