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Use iPad Zoom Accessibility to Enlarge Screen during Google Meet
Video showing how to display your iPad screen larger.

Google Slides and Docs: How to Add Alt Text to Images
Video on adding alt text to images in Google slides or docs

Florida Virtual School Speech Tools   All
The Florida Virtual School (FLVS) curriculum accessed using canvas on a Chromebook, or iPad, has a built-in speech tool.

iPad accessibility with Canvas and FLVS   All
Using the built-in iPad accessibility features with canvas and FLVS

01 Website Accessibility
What is and why do we need web accessibility?

Siteimprove Basics
Overview on how to improve school website quality and accessibility.

02 Website Accessibility on the District Website
What steps can we take to ensure website accessibility for people with disabilities?

03 Digital Accessibility for Communication
What other steps can we take to ensure accessibility to digital content?

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