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Chronic Absences
"Chronically absent" is defined as students missing 10% or more of their enrolled days by ODE definition.

Mass Communication Attendance Communication Emailed Messages
Emailed Attendance Message for Schools sent via Mass Communication

Mass Communication Attendance Communication Timeline
Mass Communication calling system automatically calls and emails parents when students are absent.

Mass Communication Attendance Communication Voice Messages
Calling Script used for Attendance Message for Schools sent via Mass Communication

Synergy Attendance Screens & Reports (Secondary)
Screens and reports needed for truancy officers.

Synergy: Class Period Attendance
A short video showing how to use the "Class Period Attendance" screen in Synergy.

Synergy: Running a perfect attendance list
How to determine which students in period attendance schools have had perfect attendance.

Synergy & TeacherVUE: Key to Attendance Codes
Quick reference to the two letter attendance codes you see on various attendance screens and reports in Synergy.

TeacherVUE: Attendance Key is Blocking List Cells
What to do when taking attendance by list and the summary area on the right is blocking the table cells for marking attendance.

TeacherVUE: Looking at Attendance Information
Different ways of looking at student attendance information in TeacherVUE.

TeacherVUE: Taking Attendance
A short "cheat sheet" on how to take attendance by seating chart or list view.