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Boom Cards: Using them in Canvas
Video of how to use Boom Cards for ungraded Canvas assignments.

Building A Course in Canvas From Scratch
Building A Course in Canvas From Scratch

Canvas: Active su cuenta para padres   All
Cuenta para padres o "observer"

Canvas: Add an Observer and Connect Them to a Student
Video on how to add an observer to Canvas and assign a student.

Canvas: Adding a Teacher (or Student) to Your Course
How to add another teacher or student to your Canvas course. (NOTE: you would only invite students to your class if you have a Canvas course that is NOT set up in Synergy. Synergy classes are rostered automatically. An example of a class in Canvas might be an affinity group, caseload for EL or SPED, etc.)

Canvas: Adding Back a Dropped Student to View Their Grades
How to temporarily add back a student that has been dropped from your class so you can view their grades.

Canvas: Adding Students (Over 13 only) To Remind
Video of how to use web site to add students and send a remind message to them in Canvas.

Canvas App: How to fix Content Issue after iOS 14 Update
Video showing how to enable the Cross-Website tracking setting for Canvas iOS app.

CANVAS: Basic Troubleshooting for Teachers
TIP: Press the Command + F keys together to search for keywords on this page

Canvas: Combining Canvas Course Cards
If you are teaching courses that appear as separate COURSE CARDS in Canvas you have the option to "Cross List" them into one course.

Canvas: Duplicate Quiz to Unshuffle Answers
Video of how to make a copy of a quiz with unshuffled answers to assign to specific students.

Canvas: Elementary Students & Qtr 1 Academic Feedback Form   All
How to access elementary Academic feedback form for Quarter 1 in Canvas.

Canvas: Export Grades
How to export grades from the Canvas gradebook.

Canvas: Fill out a PDF using the iPad Without Saving
Video showing how to use iPad markup tools to fill out an FLVS PDF assignment.

Canvas Grade Book: Assignment Groups for the Elementary Report Card
How to leverage the "assignment groups" feature in Canvas to help with the Quarters 2-4 elementary report cards.

Canvas Grades → Synergy Report Card (Secondary)
How to use your Canvas grade book data to complete the secondary report card.

Canvas: Grading Schemes
How to apply a Canvas grading scheme to your course for either: 1. generating an overall class grade for students OR 2. as a grade book "score type" for scoring assignments.

Canvas: How to add the Oregon Student Survey Page to your Course
Video of how to add the Oregon Student Survey page to your Canvas Course.

Canvas: How to embed a Youtube Video
Video on embedding YouTube content in Canvas.

Canvas: How to Have Announcements Appear on your Homepage
Video on how to display announcements on your Canvas home page.

Canvas: How to Hide Selected Navigation Links
Video on how to control the navigation links students see in your course.

Canvas: How to Integrate Flipgrid
Video showing how to integrate Flipgrid into a Canvas Course

Canvas: How to set up Recurring Events (meetings) using sections
Video showing how to set up a recurring Canvas calendar event including a Google Meet.

Canvas: How to use Flipgrid in an Assignment
Video showing how to integrate Flipgrid into canvas and create an assignment.

Canvas: How to use iPad markup tools on an FLVS PDF Assignment
Video on how to use iPad markup tools on a PDF and turn it in for an FLVS assignment.

Canvas: Invalid Consumer Key
How to resolve the "invalid consumer key" issue after bringing in FLVS content into a course.

CANVAS: "Most Successful" Assignments
Included in this KB article are suggestions for 2020-21 school year using Canvas with students on both Chromebooks & iPads.

Canvas: New RCE (Rich Content Editor)
Video of how to enable the new RCE and some of the features.

Canvas Notifications   All
Overview of notification settings for students and observers in Canvas.

Canvas Notifications for Teachers
Teachers, use the following setup to receive a copy of your Canvas InBox messages (sent and received) to your Google InBox

Canvas Parent App
In this video you will learn how to use the Canvas Parent App.

Canvas: Password Reset For Parent "Observer"   All
How to request a password reset to your auto-created parent "observer" user account in Canvas.

Canvas: Recording Flipgrid videos as a Student
Video showing how Flipgrid works as a student on an iPad or Chromebook.

Canvas: Redirect App
The Redirect App allows teachers to add customized menu items to their Canvas course navigaation.

CANVAS : Soluciones para Maestros
CANVAS : Soluciones para Maestros

Canvas: Supporting Students Past Term End Dates
During the 2020-21 Quarter 1 & 2 terms, HS students who were given an "I" letter grade are provided extra time to complete their assignments and earn a grade/credit for their Quarter 1/2 class. Teachers will need to create a new section for students in their class who need access to previous term content.

CANVAS TRAINING - Beyond the Basics
January 13, 2021 training AGENDA & VIDEO for TTSD staff.

Canvas: Transition to a New Quarter
Instructions for middle and high school teachers on how to set up their quarter 2 courses in Canvas. These instructions will also apply to the Q2 → Q3 and Q3 → Q4 transitions.

Canvas: Use Google Meet Video for a Page or Assignment
Video showing how to use a Google Meet recording to make a Page in Canvas.

Canvas: Use Tables to Organize Buttons
Video showing how to use tables to position buttons.

Canvas: Using R&W Text to Speech on Chromebook
Video showing workaround for text to speech when using FLVS on a Chromebook.

Canvas: Viewing Courses as a Student
How teachers can view their course content as a student. Covers both the web interface and the iPad app.

Canvas: When to Use Groups or Sections
Video showing how Canvas uses groups and sections.

Cómo conectarse en la aplicación de Canvas para estudiantes   All
Cómo conectarse en la aplicación de Canvas para estudiantes

Content Sharing in Canvas
Content Sharing in Canvas

Creating "Breakout Rooms" & "Polling" with Google Meet
Google Meet released their breakout rooms function to TTSD October 14, 2020.

Disabling/Enabling notifications on Canvas Parent App   All
How to disable/enable notifications or emails on Canvas Parent App

ES Quarter 1 Academic Feedback Form Process
ES Quarter 1 Academic Feedback Form Process

Forwarding Canvas Observer Notifications   All
If you have a need to forward Canvas communications from parents to another adult caring for your child during the day, please use the following steps to identify the correct email and forward it based on your home email provider/application settings

How to log into Canvas for Students (Chromebook)   All
The following is a short video on how to log into TTSD Canvas platform for High School students using Chromebooks.

How to log into Canvas for Students (iPad)   All
Instructions for students on how to log in

How-to Videos for Teachers Fall 2020
how to videos for TTSD staff

Importing a FLVS Course from The Commons
Looking to add a FLVS course into your existing course?

Importing Content from Canvas Commons into your Course
Steps for teachers to follow on how to import shared content from Canvas Commons into your existing Canvas Course:

Importing Individual FLVS Content from The Commons
This article will be helpful for teachers and specialist that only want/need a particular module or set of assignments from an existing FLVS course and NOT the entire course....

Integrate Flipgrid and Canvas
Use these instructions to setup a seamless integration between Canvas and Flipgrid that allows students to record themselves and their submission will appear in SpeedGrader for teachers to review and provide feedback. You will use this integration for every course in the same Canvas account that's connected to the same Flipgrid account

Integrating EdPuzzle with Canvas
"Take advantage of Edpuzzle’s seamless integration with Canvas to keep all of your video lessons and grades in the same place!" (

Monthly "maintenance days" COORDINATED with Monthly Principal Canvas Announcements
monthly communication to STUDENTS from our principals from within Canvas

Opening RTF files on Chromebooks in Canvas   All
This article will walk students through how to save an RTF file and then open it in Google Drive.

PearDeck Integration with Canvas
"When you integrate Pear Deck into Canvas, you turn a Pear Deck Session into an Assignment. This gives your students in Canvas instant access to the Session without needing a Join Code or Link, like they do in a traditional Pear Deck presentation Session. Not only do you automatically save the responses you collect in your Sessions menu like always, but Canvas allows you to grade these responses all in one place." (

Q&A Transition to Q2
Q&A Transition to Q2

Subscribe to your Canvas Calendar feed using Google Calendar   All
This article will walk you through how to view your Canvas Calendar (assignments, discussion dates, etc.) in your Google Calendar

Synergy Grade Book → Canvas Grade Book Cross Reference
A reference of Synergy grade book features and where to find them in Canvas. Includes links to Canvas help articles when available.

Teachers: Sharing Sub Plans & Resources in Google Drive
How to give your sub access to sub plans and supporting materials.

TTSD Staff Support Role in Canvas
Guidance for TTSD staff to search for a student and associated course(s) in Canvas to support students on their caseload. Student records are protected by FERPA federal law. Only those students on your assigned caseload should be accessed.

Using Google Meet with Canvas
Google Meet is a Google service that allows for virtual meetings & chat. This article shows you how to start or join a Meet from within Canvas.

Using Kami to edit PDFs   All
Kami extension for Chrome allows users to edit PDFs in a variety of ways and save to the user's Google Drive folder.

Using Markup built-in tool on iPad to annotate text on Canvas content   All
Rather than print out assignments from Canvas, users can use the Markup built-in tool on the iPad to annotate text to the assignment directly. An added benefit is the PDF gets saved to Google Drive rather than as a photo on the iPad.

Which Tool For Communication?
Which tool to use for which communication task.

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