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Basic Chromebook Use   All
Basic login and use of Chromebooks - including how to update your device.

Canvas: Using R&W Text to Speech on Chromebook
Video showing workaround for text to speech when using FLVS on a Chromebook.

Chromebook: Mirror Screen to an External Display
Video showing how to mirror a Chromebook screen to an external display.

Enterprise Enrollment for Chromebook
ALL Chromebooks at TTSD must be enterprise enrolled for management.

Netop Vision Chromebook Overview & Training Resources
Netop Vision Chromebook is a tool for teachers to help manage student devices within their classroom.

New to Chromebooks?   All
An introduction video for new Chromebook users.

Opening RTF files on Chromebooks in Canvas   All
This article will walk students through how to save an RTF file and then open it in Google Drive.

Year-End Checklist: Teachers, Computers & Carts
A checklist for teachers, listing tech "to-dos" for the end of the year. Important information on passwords, devices and phones.