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Accessing Naviance through Clever
Students use Clever to access a variety of resources. For students in middle school, this KB article will provide a quick overview of how to access Clever using an iPad.

Canvas: Redirect App
The Redirect App allows teachers to add customized menu items to their Canvas course navigaation.

Clever: Student and Teacher Login Guide   All
How do I log in to Clever? Access TTSD resources such as: Newsela, Naviance, McGraw-Hill Social Studies curriculum, and more!

Clever: Technology Staff Guide
Basic information about Clever that is helpful for Technology Support Staff to better understand and troubleshoot issues with Clever.

McGraw-Hill Education Login
Middle School Social Studies, High School US History & Government Curriculum Access

Turn off Request Desktop Website on iOS 13
Some services such as ConnectEd and RAZ Kids doesn't launch the iOS app after upgrading to iOS 13. In iOS 13, the Safari web browser requests a desktop version of any website by default. You can turn this feature off manually by following the instruction below.