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2016-17 TTSD Email Lists
Beginning 2015-16 school year, TTSD staff email lists are being auto-created based on the information in our Human Resources system to improve our efficiencies.

Android Email: Password Expired
Error message: Sign-in failed; Server password has changed.

Automatically forward incoming emails to another account
You can have your emails automatically forwarded to another address.

Calendar: Turning on Email Notifications
One minute video showing how to turn on email notifications for calendar events.

Canvas Notifications for Teachers
Teachers, use the following setup to receive a copy of your Canvas InBox messages (sent and received) to your Google InBox

Contacts: Create a Contact Group
How to create a contact group to send to multiple email addresses.

Email: Changing your TTSD Email Password
How to change the password for your work email and other TTSD resources.

Email: Dealing with Unwanted Messages
How to deal with unsolicited advertising (spam) or an email list you no longer wish to subscribe to.

Email: How to Make Sure Student Email Isn't Flagged as Spam
How to adjust your email settings so student email is never flagged as spam. Includes optional instructions on how to apply a label to these emails to keep them organized.

Email: How to Set Gmail as Your Browser's Default Email Client for Mailto Links
Directions on how to set up your computer's browser to use GMail as the default email client.

Email: Setting up a Vacation Responder
How to set up an automatic reply to incoming emails.

Email: Setting up Labels and Filters
How to set up labels (like folders, but better) and then automatically apply those labels to email messages

Email Spam and Phishing
How to deal with email spam or Phishing attempts to acquire information such as usernames, passwords, and credit card details...

Email: Useful Settings
How to change the settings in Google mail to add a signature, turn conversations on/off, to list a few.

Inspect Message in Gmail to Identify Sender
Identify the sender of an email and determine if the message is legitimate or a phishing attempt.

Introduction to GMail & Google Calendar for TTSD Staff
TTSD staff email will transition from Microsoft Exchange to Google's Gmail, Google Calendar & Google Contacts on May 28th. Below is a KB article to familiarize yourself with Google's GMail, Calendar & Contacts to make this transition easier.

Password Change Policy
How to change your TTSD password on a Mac or PC.

Scanning to Email from Kyocera copiers
Kyocera copiers are set to scan to email.

Send email messages & attachments confidentially
Using GMail to send personally Identifiable student records through email confidentially as an attachment

Setting Up TTSD Google Mail, Calendar & Contacts On Mobile Devices
How to connect to your TTSD Google email, calendar and contacts on your mobile device. Includes instructions for iOS (iPhone/iPad) and Android.

TeacherVUE: Communicating with Students and Parents
Describes how to communicate with students and their parents on an individual or class wide basis.

Voice Mail Messages in email
To play voice messages on Mac or Windows