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Canvas: Fill out a PDF using the iPad Without Saving
Video showing how to use iPad markup tools to fill out an FLVS PDF assignment.

Canvas: How to use iPad markup tools on an FLVS PDF Assignment
Video on how to use iPad markup tools on a PDF and turn it in for an FLVS assignment.

Canvas: Invalid Consumer Key
How to resolve the "invalid consumer key" issue after bringing in FLVS content into a course.

CANVAS: "Most Successful" Assignments
Included in this KB article are suggestions for 2020-21 school year using Canvas with students on both Chromebooks & iPads.

Canvas: Using R&W Text to Speech on Chromebook
Video showing workaround for text to speech when using FLVS on a Chromebook.

Florida Virtual School Speech Tools   All
The Florida Virtual School (FLVS) curriculum accessed using canvas on a Chromebook, or iPad, has a built-in speech tool.

FLVS content - Flash & Audio
There are two types of content built into FLVS that may not work on your students' devices

How to enable iPad spoken content settings
Video showing how to enable spoken content accessibility settings on the iPad.

Importing a FLVS Course from The Commons
Looking to add a FLVS course into your existing course?

Importing Individual FLVS Content from The Commons
This article will be helpful for teachers and specialist that only want/need a particular module or set of assignments from an existing FLVS course and NOT the entire course....

Opening RTF files on Chromebooks in Canvas   All
This article will walk students through how to save an RTF file and then open it in Google Drive.

Speech Tool (FLVS K-5)   All
This article covers the Speech Tool that is built in to Florida Virtual Schools (FVLS) Kindergarten - grade 5 digital curriculum modules.

Using Markup built-in tool on iPad to annotate text on Canvas content   All
Rather than print out assignments from Canvas, users can use the Markup built-in tool on the iPad to annotate text to the assignment directly. An added benefit is the PDF gets saved to Google Drive rather than as a photo on the iPad.