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Email: How to Make Sure Student Email Isn't Flagged as Spam
How to adjust your email settings so student email is never flagged as spam. Includes optional instructions on how to apply a label to these emails to keep them organized.

Email: How to Set Gmail as Your Browser's Default Email Client for Mailto Links
Directions on how to set up your computer's browser to use GMail as the default email client.

Email: Useful Settings
How to change the settings in Google mail to add a signature, turn conversations on/off, to list a few.

Inspect Message in Gmail to Identify Sender
Identify the sender of an email and determine if the message is legitimate or a phishing attempt.

Introduction to GMail & Google Calendar for TTSD Staff
TTSD staff email will transition from Microsoft Exchange to Google's Gmail, Google Calendar & Google Contacts on May 28th. Below is a KB article to familiarize yourself with Google's GMail, Calendar & Contacts to make this transition easier.