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Calendar: Accessing Resource Calendars
How to book resources (rooms & equipment) when scheduling an event.

Calendar: Creating & Using Appointment Slots
How to set up and use appointment slots in Google Calendar. A short video tutorial.

Calendar: Turning on Email Notifications
One minute video showing how to turn on email notifications for calendar events.

Google Meet: How to Change Ownership using Google Calendar
Video showing how to change the owner of a Google Meet

Introduction to GMail & Google Calendar for TTSD Staff
TTSD staff email will transition from Microsoft Exchange to Google's Gmail, Google Calendar & Google Contacts on May 28th. Below is a KB article to familiarize yourself with Google's GMail, Calendar & Contacts to make this transition easier.

Setting Up TTSD Google Mail, Calendar & Contacts On Mobile Devices
How to connect to your TTSD Google email, calendar and contacts on your mobile device. Includes instructions for iOS (iPhone/iPad) and Android.

Subscribe to your Canvas Calendar feed using Google Calendar   All
This article will walk you through how to view your Canvas Calendar (assignments, discussion dates, etc.) in your Google Calendar