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COVID-19 Distance Learning: Grade Book & Report Card Guidance
Guidance for grading assignments in the Synergy grade book as well as entering marks for the report card.

Google Classroom 101: Step 1 - Setting Up Google Classroom
How to set up Google Classrooms at TTSD.

Google Classroom 101: Step 2 - Adding an Assignment
How to create an assignment for your Google Classroom class.

Google Classroom 101: Step 3 - Viewing Student Work
How to view, make comments, grade and return student work.

Google Classroom: Adding a Teacher to your Class
How to add another teacher to your class in Google Classroom.

Google Classroom: Editing your Class "About" Page
How to edit your class information page and add resources like a class syllabus.

Google Classroom Integration 1: Setup
How to enable Google Classroom integration with the Synergy grade book so assignments & scores sync between the two locations.

Google Classroom Integration 2: Assignment Syncing FYIs
A demo of the assignment synching process as well as things to keep in mind.

Google Classroom Integration 3: New Features in Synergy 2019.01
Some of the new features introduced in the 2019.01 Synergy release, installed over spring break, 2019.

Google Classroom: Inviting Parents as Guardians   All
Google Classroom only allows students to join. However, parents can be invited to receive weekly summaries. See below....

Google Classroom: Reusing Class Content From Previous Years
How to archive current Google Classrooms at the end of the current school year and reuse their content in next year's classes.

Google Classroom: Switching Between Class View & Drive View
How to go back and forth between Google Classroom and Google Drive.

Google Classroom: Using Doctopus & Goobric With Classroom
For the techie teacher, a video tutorial on how to use the Doctopus and Goobric add-ons for Google Docs with Google Classroom.

Google Classroom: What is Google Classroom?
A short YouTube video that highlights what Google Classroom is and how it can help streamline your teaching.