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How to set up Google Classrooms at TTSD.
How to create an assignment for your Google Classroom class.
How to view, make comments, grade and return student work.
How to add another teacher to your class in Google Classroom.
How to edit your class information page and add resources like a class syllabus.
How to enable Google Classroom integration with the Synergy grade book so assignments & scores sync between the two locations.
A demo of the assignment synching process as well as things to keep in mind.
Some of the new features introduced in the 2019.01 Synergy release, installed over spring break, 2019.
How to archive current Google Classrooms at the end of the current school year and reuse their content in next year's classes.
How to go back and forth between Google Classroom and Google Drive.
For the techie teacher, a video tutorial on how to use the Doctopus and Goobric add-ons for Google Docs with Google Classroom.
A short YouTube video that highlights what Google Classroom is and how it can help streamline your teaching.