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Best Practices for Remote Meetings
Best Practice for Remote Conversations between Teacher & Students Best Practice for Remote Meetings (Amongst Adults)

Canvas: How to set up Recurring Events (meetings) using sections
Video showing how to set up a recurring Canvas calendar event including a Google Meet.

Canvas: Use Google Meet Video for a Page or Assignment
Video showing how to use a Google Meet recording to make a Page in Canvas.

Creating a Google Meet (Elementary School)
Elementary teachers' guide to creating a Google Meet

Creating "Breakout Rooms" & "Polling" with Google Meet
Google Meet released their breakout rooms function to TTSD October 14, 2020.

Getting Started with Google Meet: A Guide for Parents and Students   All
Hello Families! We will be using Google Meet to connect with students. Here is a guide to setting up the app, joining a Google Meet, and Best Practices for Google Meet: A Guide for Students

Google Meet Audio
How to set audio back to original settings on Google Meet

Google Meet: Best Method of Sharing an iPad Screen-For Mac Only
Video of wired method of sharing an iPad screen in Google Meet.

Google Meet: How to Change Ownership using Google Calendar
Video showing how to change the owner of a Google Meet

Google Meet: How to use Breakout Rooms
Video showing how to use Breakout Rooms in Google Meet

Google Meet: How to use Polls and Q&A
Video showing how to polls and Q&A in Google Meet.

Google Meet: New Controls for Teachers
How to access Google Meet controls that let you prevent students from sharing their screens or using chat.

Google Meet: Three Methods of Sharing an iPad Screen
Video of three methods of sharing an iPad screen during a Google Meet.

Google Meet Troubleshooting
Staff with frozen Google Meet video or the camera and/or microphone doesn't work can use these best practices & troubleshooting steps to hopefully solve the issues.

Google Meet: Using Osmo with an iPad as a Doc Cam
Video of how to use the Osmo device as a Doc Cam with an iPad.

“Invite” a Phone Number When You Host a Google Meet
Rather than scheduling a meeting in the future, the following guidance will allow TTSD staff to initiate a Google Meet video call or protected phone call.

Jamboard: How to use in Google Meet
Video showing how to use Jamboard interactively in a Google Meet.

Jamboard: Use Google Slides to create Jams
Video showing how to convert Google slides to Jams.

Live Stream a Google Meet
How to live stream a Google Meet for up to 100,000 viewers.

Protecting Your Personal Phone Number When Calling Away From Work
During this school closure and staff working remotely, the following are options for how to protect the privacy of your personal numbers when calling families from home.

TeacherVUE: Generating a List of Student Email Addresses
How to generate a list of student email addresses for your current section/class. This can be useful when setting up a Google Meet via a calendar invite.

Using Google Meet to Remotely View a User's Computer Screen
Technicians can use Google Meet to remotely view a user's COMPUTER screen when the user is outside of our district network.

Using Google Meet with Canvas
Google Meet is a Google service that allows for virtual meetings & chat. This article shows you how to start or join a Meet from within Canvas.