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MiFi SmartSpot (Español)
Información acerca del dispositivo Mifi SmartSpot, este artefacto permite a los estudiantes conectarse con la internet cuando no se encuentran en la escuela

ParentVUE: Helping Parents with Account Issues
Instructions for the ParentVUE point person at each school on how to help parents with common access issues.

“Invite” a Phone Number When You Host a Google Meet
Rather than scheduling a meeting in the future, the following guidance will allow TTSD staff to initiate a Google Meet video call or protected phone call.

Using Google Meet with Canvas
Google Meet is a Google service that allows for virtual meetings & chat. This article shows you how to start or join a Meet from within Canvas.

Login Failure to the TTSD Web Filter   All
Students are required to login to the TTSD filtering system using the TTSD Web Filter app every day. For some, their logins seem to work intermittently. TTSD systems will automatically lock accounts due to security concerns.

Basic Troubleshooting for iPads   All
A few basic things you can try if your iPad or an app is misbehaving.

New to iPads? -- ¿Nuevo en iPads?   All
Introduction Video for new iPad users / Video de introducción para nuevos usuarios de iPad.

MiFi SmartSpot   All
Information on the Mifi SmartSpot, a device to provide students with internet access away from school.

iPad Web filter tips for home use   All
TTSD has our devices pass thru a web filter when accessing web sites from outside of the district, just like when at school. Here are a few tips if you are having a problem accessing the web from outside our school district.

TTSD TeamViewer HelpDesk Support - User Guide
TTSD technicians can forward this user guide to assist staff in installing and requesting helpdesk remote support.

Think Central - Tips for Distance Learning   All
Students in Grades K-5 at TTSD have access to "Think Central" app for both reading and math curriculum. See below for details on how to access this resource.

Best Practices for Remote Meetings
Best Practice for Remote Conversations between Teacher & Students Best Practice for Remote Meetings (Amongst Adults)

Log in and Log out of the Web Filter
How to log in and log out of the web filter.

What Apps are Approved by TTSD to be Used With Student Logins?   All
Student data privacy is required by all educational institutions.

Using Google Meet to Remotely View a User's Computer Screen
Technicians can use Google Meet to remotely view a user's COMPUTER screen when the user is outside of our district network.

Protecting Your Personal Phone Number When Calling Away From Work
During this school closure and staff working remotely, the following are options for how to protect the privacy of your personal numbers when calling families from home.

TeacherVUE: Generating a List of Student Email Addresses
How to generate a list of student email addresses for your current section/class. This can be useful when setting up a Google Meet via a calendar invite.

Clever: Technology Staff Guide
Basic information about Clever that is helpful for Technology Support Staff to better understand and troubleshoot issues with Clever.

New to Chromebooks?   All
An introduction video for new Chromebook users.

Self Service App on iPads   All
How to find and install apps in the Self Service app

Clever: Student and Teacher Login Guide   All
How do I log in to Clever? Access TTSD resources such as: Newsela, Naviance, McGraw-Hill Social Studies curriculum, and more!

Send email messages & attachments confidentially
Using GMail to send personally Identifiable student records through email confidentially as an attachment

Record a Google Hangouts Meet remote meeting
Instruction on how to record a Google Hangouts Meet remote meeting.

YouTube Live Stream: what is YouTube Live Stream?
YouTube Live is a Google tool that can live stream an event to a large audience like district-wide or school-wide keynote, board meetings, PTO meetings, etc.

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