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K-8 TTSD students using TTSD devices will be blocked from Internet access between 10pm and 6am.
Students use Clever to access a variety of resources. For students in middle school, this KB article will provide a quick overview of how to access Clever using an iPad.
How to install app that are made by Apple and come free with your ipad. This includes, Keynote, iMovie, Pages, Garageband, Numbers, and iTunesU.
A few basic things you can try if your iPad is misbehaving.
Best practices from Apple to prolong the battery life of your iPad or iPod.
Login instructions for Destiny Discover ios app
How to backup information stored within the app or locally on the ipad
iOS: Forgotten passcode or device disabled after entering wrong passcode
Best practices for charging and cart storage to prolong the life of your iPad
How to turn on text to speech on the iPad so any text on the screen can be read by the iPad.
TTSD has our devices pass thru a web filter when accessing web sites from outside of the district, just like when at school. Here are a few tips if you are having a problem accessing the web from outside our school district.
Shows the steps for setting up a TTSD iTunes / Apple ID account (using your TTSD e-mail address) without entering credit card information.
Describes the process for bulk quantity (20+) iTunes app purchases. Buying in bulk usually gives the user a 50% discount.
How to find and install apps in the Self Service app
How to split, dock and undock the keyboard on the ipad screen
How to setup your computer and ipads to print using the Printer Pro app
This is an alternative method to reset an iPad using the Reset mobile app rather than the normal option through Settings.
How to connect to your TTSD Google email, calendar and contacts on your mobile device. Includes instructions for iOS (iPhone/iPad) and Android.
How to sign in to an iPad to gain access to the TTSD app catalog. This is also called "enrolling in Jamf."
Tips and troubleshooting
This article will show you how to update the iOS software on your iPad. Software updates bring additional features as well as security & stability improvements. iOS updates can take some time to install. It is best to install them at the end of the day or when you will not need to use the iPad for an hour or so.