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iTunes: Accidentally Sharing Voicemail Messages
Your iTunes library may contain voicemail messages from your work phone. Here's how you can make sure you are not accidentally sharing them.

iTunes / Apple ID: Creating an iTunes Account Without a Credit Card
Shows the steps for setting up a TTSD iTunes / Apple ID account (using your TTSD e-mail address) without entering credit card information.

iTunes: Buying iPad/iPod Apps in Bulk
Describes the process for bulk quantity (20+) iTunes app purchases. Buying in bulk usually gives the user a 50% discount.

Preventing iTunes Helper App pop-up during SBAC testing (including ELPA 21)
The "iTunesHelper" application causes issues with SBAC/OAKS. This article explains how to remove it.

TTSD Policy for iTunes Apps Purchases
iTunes app purchasing. Volume Purchasing Program, (VPP) purchasing instructions and policy