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How to wipe all content from an iPad to prepare it for another user.
How to find and install apps in the Self Service app
This article explains the state of Mac imaging in 2016-17 school year. Please check back often as we move to modular imaging and 1:1 student device.
With TTSD moving to 1:1 for students (each student issued a device), there have been "learning occasions" when students have made choices with their technology devices that need redirection. This article steps staff through the process to move a student's account into a "Restricted Access" mode for a duration of time to help reinforce appropriate use of their technology device.
How to sign in to an iPad to gain access to the TTSD app catalog. This is also called "enrolling in Jamf."
Staff can use this procedure to enroll their MacBook Air and iMac manually into TTSD JAMF management system.