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How to setup a new printer on your Mac computer using an IP address.
When shopping for an Apple TV, for every new device you purchase there are some extra parts you need to include so this device works. You will want to make sure you have an HDMI cable that can reach between your Apple TV & Projector.
This article will help you to take a screenshot for sending to tech-support, use in presentations or anything else you might desire.
How to install a root certificate in Firefox.
This KB article shows detailed steps to install the NetSpective SSL certificate manually on a Mac computer or an iPad that isn't in JAMF.
On a Mac you can resize your image for posting on a website using Preview.
Staff can use this procedure to enroll their MacBook Air and iMac manually into TTSD JAMF management system.
A checklist for teachers, listing tech "to-dos" for the end of the year. Important information on passwords, devices and phones.