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AESOP Absence System: Guide For Employees
A guide for employees on using the AESOP absence system.

Assessment Module 101: Step 1 - Scheduling & Taking an Assessment
How to schedule an assessment, have your students take the assessment, and then view the results.

Cisco VoIP Phones: Quick Reference
Two page reference for commonly used functions on the Cisco "voice over IP" phone.

Cisco VoIP Phones: Voicemail Reference Sheet
Voicemail reference sheet for your Cisco VoIP phone.

Elementary Grade Book: How Elementary Marks are Calculated
Explains how elementary report card marks are calculated from grade book assignment scores.

Elementary Grade Book: Start of Year Setup
How to set up your grade book and enable standards mode at the start of the school year.

Elementary Grade Book: Transferring Scores From AssessmentVUE
How to transfer overall assessment score and standards scores from AssessmentVUE to the grade book.

Elementary Grade Book: Working With A Standards Based Grade Book
How to attach and score standards in your Synergy grade book. How to view students' overall scores for those standards.

Email Spam and Phishing
How to deal with email spam or Phishing attempts to acquire information such as usernames, passwords, and credit card details...

Email: Useful Settings
How to change the settings in Google mail to add a signature, turn conversations on/off, to list a few.

Google Apps for TTSD
Logging in to Google Apps

How to Access Filtered Websites
How to access the new proxy filter to view YouTube, Facebook, other blocked sites. New proxy filter information for fall 2013 onward.

Introduction to GMail & Google Calendar for TTSD Staff
TTSD staff email will transition from Microsoft Exchange to Google's Gmail, Google Calendar & Google Contacts on May 28th. Below is a KB article to familiarize yourself with Google's GMail, Calendar & Contacts to make this transition easier.

Setting Up TTSD Google Mail, Calendar & Contacts On Mobile Devices
How to connect to your TTSD Google email, calendar and contacts on your mobile device. Includes instructions for iOS (iPhone/iPad) and Android.

TeacherVUE: Communicating with Students and Parents
Describes how to communicate with students and their parents on an individual or class wide basis.

TeacherVUE: Looking up Student Health Information
How to look up health information for students in your class. Covers looking up individual student and running whole class reports.

TeacherVUE: Running Reports
Shows how to run reports in TeacherVUE for your class. Includes information on changing report parameters prior to execution.

TeacherVUE: Taking Attendance
A short "cheat sheet" on how to take attendance by seating chart or list view.

TeacherVUE: Working with Seating Charts
How to create and edit seating charts. Includes information on how to make room on your seating chart for new students and customizing the information you see on your chart.

Year-End Checklist: Teachers, Computers & Carts
A checklist for teachers, listing tech "to-dos" for the end of the year. Important information on passwords, devices and phones.