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How to download and install macOS Sierra
Simple steps to download and install the latest version of macOS (formerly known as OS X).

macOS: Code Names
List of Apple's code names for all OS X (now "macOS") versions.

OS X: Installing Applications from Unapproved Developers
How to turn off the "unidentified developer" warning under OS X mavericks (10.9)

OS X: Locating Your Computer's IP Address
When getting help with a tech request, you will often be asked for your computer's IP address. This article covers how to find this information on your Mac.

OS X: Making a Screencast
Shows how to make a screencast using software built into Mac OS X.

OS X: Setting up a Printer by IP Address
Shows how to remove your Bonjour based printer and set it up by IP address.

Resize Image on Mac OS X
On a Mac you can resize your image for posting on a website using Preview.