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Documentation for teachers using the grade book at the secondary level.
How to apply a modified grade scale to individual students.
How to apply a modified pass/fail grade scale to individual students in your class.
How to add terms (Quarter 1, Semester 1 etc) to assignments so they are used when calculating a grade for the desired periods.
How to change the calculation method for standards already in your class.
How to transfer grade book assignments from the previous school year into the current school year.
Set up and use a custom assignment order on your main grade book screen.
How to set up your grade book for either cumulative OR standalone ("fresh start") quarter grading.
How to remove standards that are not attached to any assignments from your grade book's "standards" view.
Unscored assignments do not count against students' grades. How to quickly enter a zero for unscored assignments.
How to set up and use scoring rubrics in the Synergy grade book.
How to quickly load all course aligned standards for each of your sections.
How to make sure that a student receives a score of zero when you enter the "missing" comment for the assignment.
How to post grades for students that have no assignments. Examples include: teacher assistants (TAs), "rendezvous" or "hawk time" classes.
Shows how to print a blank grade book with student names on the left and an empty grid of rows and columns.
How to print a copy of your grade book with assignments and scores for your records.
What to do if you deleted an assignment type that was used by assignments and/or an assignment weighting scale.
How to set your own grade-scale to allow the grade book to auto calculate a letter grade, based on your own grading scale and not the traditional 90% = A, 80% = B, 70% = C, etc...
How to use an interpretation scale to reduce the impact of a low scoring assignment on students' overall class grades.
How to set up grade book to use a non-traditional grading scale for assignments.
How to set up your grade book for term weighting instead of cumulative grading.
Explains what to do when students in grade book are no longer sorted alphabetically or in the way you expect.
This 24 minute video covers the basics of setting up and using the TeacherVUE grade book at the secondary level.
How to transfer scores when a student moves to a different section taught by the same teacher.
Analysis Bands let you quickly identify how students did on assignments by color coding their scores in your main grade book window. This article show you how to set up your own analysis bands or use the district provided one.
Video on how to use analysis bands to visually highlight student performance information on your main grade book screen.
For secondary teachers. How to include standards on the report card.
For new or returning teachers, grade book settings that should be set or verified at the start of the school year.
Recommendations for leveraging Synergy when running parent/teacher conferences.