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How to allow specific websites, like Synergy, to load popup windows so they can run properly.
How to assign a long term substitute teacher to a class so they have the access they need. Short terms subs will only have access to take attendance.
Firefox web browser displays a warning message "A web page is slowing down your browser, what do you want to do?" when access Synergy or other websites.
"Chronically absent" is defined as students missing 10% or more of their enrolled days by ODE definition.
Describes how to record a student discipline incident using the "Student Incident" screen in Synergy.
How to download the mobile app, log in, and assist parents with obtaining their login and password if needed.
How to change you TTSD password on a Mac or PC.
How to take report data exported to Excel from Synergy and print labels using Microsoft Word for the Mac.
How to take report data exported to Excel from Synergy and print labels using Microsoft Word for Windows.
How office staff can help a student access their account if they can't log in.
A condensed version of the Synergy 101 class offered by CTA.
Document that describes the steps for adding a second teacher to a section so they can access that class in TeacherVUE and grade book, and for accurate ODE reporting setup.
Lightbulb? Red cross? Backpack Guy? A key to the student notification icons you may see in Synergy and TeacherVUE.
Error message: Logon failure: unknown user name or bad password.
How to format label reports for the Avery 5160 label type.
How to add multiple students to run a report. Includes information on limiting your report to a filter you have set up.
How to change your browser settings in FireFox and Chrome on the Mac so you can see reports that you run.
This article will discuss how to make sure you are on the correct version of Firefox if you are a Microsoft Windows user for full Synergy Support.
Shows how to determine which version of Firefox you are using and how to update to the currently supported version if needed.
What to do if Synergy freezes, kicks you out, or generates error messages after a short amount of idle time.
Quick reference to the two letter attendance codes you see on various attendance screens and reports in Synergy.
How to disable a filter.