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Canvas: How to Integrate Flipgrid
Video showing how to integrate Flipgrid into a Canvas Course

Discipline: Training Video
How to enter a student discipline incident.

Grade Book: Training Video for Secondary Teachers
This 24 minute video covers the basics of setting up and using the TeacherVUE grade book at the secondary level.

Grade Book: Using Analysis Bands (video)
Video on how to use analysis bands to visually highlight student performance information on your main grade book screen.

iPad: Turning on Text to Speech
How to turn on text to speech on the iPad so any text on the screen can be read by the iPad.

OS X: Making a Screencast
Shows how to make a screencast using software built into Mac OS X.

OS X: Setting up a Printer by IP Address
Shows how to remove your Bonjour based printer and set it up by IP address.

PocketLab One
An introduction to the PocketLab One, the science lab that fits in the palm of your hand. Includes videos and downloadable resources.

A 2-minute video demonstrating the basics of creating a Screencastify recording & getting started documentation.

Synergy 101: An Introduction to Synergy
A condensed version of the Synergy 101 class offered by CTA.

TeacherVUE: Introductory Training Video
An introduction to the areas of TeacherVUE that are used on a frequent or daily basis.